Class of 2019: Terence Hogan, MCP ’19

Class of 2019: Terence Hogan, MCP ’19

Student spotlight: Terence Hogan


By Lauren Hertzler


Born in north New Jersey, Terence Hogan made the leap to the University of Chicago for his undergraduate degree, where he majored in sociology and statistics.

Working in the field for three years, he recalls a switch: Instead of studying different populations and the social processes that take place, he wanted to focus on the built environment—the actual places where these social interactions are happening.

Thus, it’s a bit of serendipity that led Hogan to Penn’s School of Design. Now in his second year, and on track to graduate this May, Hogan is a Master of City Planning candidate, concentrating on Public-Private Development. Hogan, who received the Herbert S. Adler Award upon admission, is specifically interested in real estate consulting in the urban planning field.

“For example,” he says, “it could be working with a city or a civic organization to anticipate future growth in a city and figure out strategies that make housing more affordable.”

Hogan has garnered experience in various capacities while at Penn, both inside and outside of the classroom. His first year, for instance, he worked as a planning intern for SEPTA. Now, he’s taken on a part-time role with U3 Advisors, a firm co-founded by a former Penn employee.

In all, Hogan says the quality of Penn’s program is what justified his career switch—both in the interest of time, as well as financials.

“I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t know Penn would provide such a good opportunity,” he says. “It’s a testament to every professor I’ve worked with and talked to, helping to open the door for me to start a career in this industry.”

Terence Hogan is a 2018-19 recipient of the Herbert S Adler Fellowship, which supports student fellowships at PennDesign.