PennDesign Homecoming 2018

PennDesign Homecoming 2018

Friday, November 9, 2018 - 4:00pm

Meyerson Hall 

210 South 34th St. 

Phila. PA 10104

In anticipation of next year’s Design with Nature NOW conference and exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of Ian McHarg’s Design with Nature, PennDesign alumna Lisa Switkin, MLA’02, Senior Principal at James Corner Field Operations, Lola Sheppard, Partner, Lateral Office and Associate Professor/Graduate Officer, University of Waterloo and Inga Saffron, Architecture Critic, Philadelphia Inquirer will join Billy Fleming, Wilks Family Director of the McHarg Center in a discussion of how landscape architects designers are developing dynamic, visionary approaches to urban and environmental design in the face of global climate change and urbanization.

Pre-registration required. Upper Gallery, Meyerson Hall.

Afterwards, join PennDesign students, alumni, faculty and staff for happy hour in the Meyerson Hall Basement from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

Image: Zollvereinpark is one of 406 projects that comprise Emscher Landscape Park--a 165 square mile area of rehabilitated, post-industrial landscapes in and around the Ruhr Metropolis in Germany. Conceived during the 1989 Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) by the German government, Emscher Landscape Park will be featured in the McHarg Center's 2019 conference and exhibition, Design with Nature NOW.

Meyerson Hall, Upper Gallery