Shining a spotlight on global impact.

Shining a spotlight on global impact.

Culture & Heritage

A Kahn Model Receives a Gentle Makeover

A sketch model for Louis Kahn’s famed National Assembly Building of Bangladesh is getting a gentle makeover, with guidance from two of Kahn’s former associates. “This model is an incredibly important part of the design process, revealing the creative mind at work,” says William Whitaker, curator of the Architectural Archives at PennDesign.

Events | April 17, 2018 6:00 pm

Conversations / Conversazioni: Rome as City and Concept

The Rome Faculty Working Group at the University of Pennsylvania presents a discussion of architecture and landscape architecture by three leaders in the field: Craig Dykers, Managing Director and Partner, Snøhetta; Mary Margaret Jones, Senior Principal, Hargreaves Associates; and Elaine Molinar, Managing Director and Partner, Snøhetta.

Energy & Environment

Making Mongolian ger dwellings more energy-efficient

Not much is known about energy use and comfort in gers. A team from PennDesign’s Center for Environmental Building and Design hopes to change that with their on-the-ground research in the coldest capital city in the world, as well as in Philadelphia.

Innovation & Technology

ARI and the Next Frontier for Architects

At PennDesign, architecture education extends beyond current practices into the realm of ideas, facilitating exchanges and debates across disciplinary boundaries.

Innovation & Technology

Designing DNA in the Classroom

Professor Orkan Telhan's research resides at the intersection of art, science, and emerging technologies; his work provides insights into the very building blocks of life. Now he's sharing tools that can help students unlock these insights in high-school classrooms.

Equity & Inclusion

Monument Lab

In 2015, Professor and Chair of Fine Arts Ken Lum and late artist and faculty member Terry Adkins set up a large outdoor classroom at City Hall and posed a question of everyone who passed through: "What is an appropriate monument for the current city of Philadelphia?"

Equity & Inclusion

Reclaiming Sharswood at North Philly Peace Park

It started with a vacant lot, situated in the heart of Sharswood, in North Philadelphia. The lot was an eyesore, ignored for decades until local resident advocates reclaimed it, building an informal community space and launching agriculture projects to offset food scarcity, providing free produce to their neighbors.

Culture & Heritage

Preserving the West

Built of primitive materials in unforgiving climates, many American landmarks are uniquely vulnerable. Organizations tasked with protecting the integrity of these important historical landmarks look to PennDesign.

Culture & Heritage

Louis Kahn Steps Out Again in Philadelphia

With a slate of public events in support of the first major retrospective of Kahn’s work since the early 1990s, the legendary architect and longtime PennDesign faculty member was again a presence in the city where he spent most of his life.

Cities & Regions

Seeing the Road from New Perspectives

Philadelphia is one of a number of American cities experiencing a growth spurt, and it's not alone in facing the challenge of accommodating the evolving transit needs of its residents.