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Weitzman Receives $1.3 Million Getty Grant to Protect and Preserve Wupatki National Monument

The Center for Architectural Conservation at Weitzman has received a $1.3 million grant from Getty to develop a conservation and management plan and professional training program for Wupatki National Monument in Arizona.

With New Richard Wesley Fellowship, Architect Peter Vieira (MArch‘96) Honors His Mentor

Peter Vieira (MArch‘96) says he made the gift out of respect for Wesley’s lifelong commitment to educating young architects, and he hopes it helps more students discover their own connection to the discipline.

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Walking and Listening in San Juan with Ernesto Pujol

Ernesto Pujol does a lot of walking, but he still laughs in near disbelief when he recalls the 25-mile trek he took through San Juan, Puerto Rico, earlier this summer.

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Visualizing Alternatives to Climate Catastrophe

For this year’s 17th International Architecture Exhibition -  La Biennale di Venezia, Weitzman’s Richard Weller and his team designed the World Park, a global network of ecologically restored lands to support the migration of numerous species responding to climate change.

After an Academic Year Like No Other, Weitzman Class of 2021 Celebrated Online

 The Weitzman School held a virtual commencement ceremony for the Class of 2021on Saturday, May 15, more than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed campus life.

MFA Alum Examines the Materials and Images of Labor in ICA Solo Exhibition

Artist and Weitzman alum Jessica Vaughn examines the spaces, architecture, and cultures of the American workplace her first major solo exhibition, now on view at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Leading by Design: David E. Gross

David Gross is giving back to the Weitzman School, with a gift to establish the David E. Gross Fellowship Fund, which was amplified by additional funds through the School’s matching program.

Legacy Keepers

The Marian Anderson house, which the singer purchased in 1924 for $4,000 cash, is one of the few sites associated with important civil rights figures in Philadelphia.

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Seeing the Connections Between Health and the Built Environment

The interconnectedness of physical spaces and human health is top of mind perhaps more than ever before

New Weitzman Courses Respond to a Year of Upheaval

“What happened [in 2020] … created a sort of accelerated or expanded or intensified mirror of the structural inequalities that we see around us,” says Architecture, Lecturer Eduardo Rega Calvo.